Our class theme for the 2009-2010 school year is "Pier 13." (Our room number is #13.)   Below is a description of how the theme was incorporated into bulletin boards, classroom management, and other activities throughout the school year.


Captain Posters

On the first day of school, I took a picture of each student dressed in navy blue blazer, a captain's, hat, and a captain's wheel in front of a red fabric.  I then used Print Shop to crop the students' faces and put them in front of a photo of a cruise ship.  The posters were then displayed in our hallway.

Students also completed a profile sheet with a nautical border on which they described themselves and their personalities.

Download Captain Poster Print Shop Files (WinZip File)

(You must have WinZip to unzip the files.)


***Note: You must have Print Shop Version 23 or Print Shop 3.0 installed on your computer to open the Print Shop files once you have unzipped them.  The files will not open in Print Shop 2.0.)

Once you have opened the file in Print Shop, you can double click in the headlines to change the text.  You will also have to delete the current picture and insert pictures of your students.  I use the freehand crop tool in Print Shop to cut around the students' heads.




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Math on the Water

Each day a different student gets to be "Captain Math" and lead the class in a short review of common math concepts before we start our regular math lesson for the day.

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Journey to Fantasy Island

We made a movie at the beginning of the year after the Pier 13 students wrote about what they would be doing in 20 years.  It was shown to parents at Curriculum Night.

Watch the Movie (25 MB)






Sailor of the Week

In keeping with the nautical theme, each week a new student was honored as "Sailor of the Week."

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Word Study Centers

Students travel to word study centers in groups of four.  Each group was named as a type of marine life that may be swimming around Pier 13.

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Classroom Economy

In our classroom economy, students earn money for doing jobs and being responsible.  In keeping with the nautical theme, our money is called "Captain Cash."  Students were able to use their Cosmic Cash to shop at the class store which was called the Oceanside Mall.

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Weekly Newsletter

Each week, a newsletter is sent home to highlight the Sailor of the Week and to showcase special events and learning that is taking place in our classroom.  To go along with the nautical theme, our newsletter is called Pier 13 Post.


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Nautical Decor/Bulletin Board Displays



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