We spend the first month of school learning the rules and procedures for reading workshop in our classroom. Below are some of the rules, routines, and mini-lessons that have been introduced to readers on Planet 13.

First students learned about the 3 parts of Reading Workshop: Mini-Lesson, Individualized Daily Reading, and Closing.

This helped them understand that reading workshop follows the same predictable structure everyday.

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Students were then introduced to the concept of Book Nooks.  Readers began trying out different places in the room in hopes of discovering the "best place" to read.





Students selected new books from the class library and learned how to record books in their reading logs.  




During a mini-lesson on choosing "Just Right" books, we compared a "just right" book to a shirt that fits perfectly.  An oversized shirt or a shirt that is too small are not very comfortable to wear.  We used that idea as an analogy for books that are easy or challenging.
After spending a week in the reading workshop, students were familiar with the routine and were ready to make rules.  The class agreed upon a list of rules that all readers should follow in order to make workshop time most beneficial and enjoyable for all readers.






When recording books in their reading log, students are asked to indicate the genre of the book with a genre code.  To help them understand how to do this accurately, students were introduced to the different genres in three consecutive mini-lessons.

To practice naming the genre of a book, students played "Name that Genre."  The teacher gives a description of a pre-selected book and describes a few important elements of the story.  Based on the teacher's clues, students hold up a genre card and "Name that Genre."

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We created a Self-Checklist to monitor our own reading habits during IDR time.  Mrs. Gordon typed it up and copied it so that we can fill it out at the end of IDR everyday.

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